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Total Property Assist terms and conditions

Total Property Assist Terms and Conditions

Assistance in the event of damage to your home

Total Property Assist is designed to give you essential assistance in the event of damage to residential or commercial property resulting from

• Fire
• Flood
• Water damage
• Storm
• Impact

If the worst happens, Total Property Assist helps you to achieve a fair settlement from your insurer and ensure your home returns back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our efficient and professional service is free of charge because we invoice your insurer directly, not you, for all property reinstatement and repairs.

Total Property Assist will also save you time and hassle and ensure your home is repaired to the highest possible standard.

We understand how distressing it can be when your home is damaged and we help take the stress out of those situations.

Assistance in the event of damage to your commercial property

We specialise in handling property insurance claims for all types of commercial premises including buy-to-let properties, warehouses, shops and offices.

Your business is your livelihood. If your premises are damaged, keeping things on track can be demanding enough without the added distraction of managing tradespeople and dealing with your insurance company.

We understand that your business needs to remain operational. We focus on minimising disruption to your business so that you can focus on running it.

We are committed to attending commercial properties swiftly and one of our dedicated claims project managers will liaise with your insurance provider, their loss adjuster and all the tradespeople required.

You can rely on an efficient turnaround and high quality repairs, from quote to completion, saving you time and enabling you to concentrate on your core business. We can even negotiate loss of rent and business interruption claims on your behalf to minimise the financial impact of any incident involving property damage.

5 simple steps to free expert help

1) Call our helpline on 0800 179 9003 and our experienced claims handlers will book you an appointment with a dedicated local project manager to handle your claim with care.

2) Our project manager will arrange an appointment to assess the property damage.

3) A detailed schedule of works and a damage report will be prepared for your insurers and the project manager will meet with the loss adjuster to negotiate and agree repairs or reinstatement.

4) All repairs are carried out by vetted contractors, overseen by our experienced project managers.

5) We invoice your insurer directly when all repair works have been completed and you are satisfied with the work that has been done, leaving you with only the insurance excess to pay.

Cost-free service

Worrying about costs can be an added burden when you re dealing with damage to your home, but we will work on your behalf to negotiate the best deal, while you focus on getting back to normal.

A dedicated local project manager will prepare a detailed schedule of works and present a professional claim to your insurers, maximising your chances of a successful outcome. We will deal with your insurer, and any matters relating to your claim, at no cost to you*.

Hassle-free service

When you appoint us, you will be expertly guided by our team at head office and assigned a dedicated project manager to handle your claim.

When you instruct us to work on your behalf, you can be sure that your property is fully reinstated to the highest possible standards and within the shortest possible timeframe. All our skilled tradespeople are thoroughly vetted by our professional team so you can trust them to do a great job.

You're in safe hands

We offer a personalised service so your dedicated project manager will invest time in understanding the problems you face, and will present your claim to your insurer in the best way to help ensure success.

Our experience means that we know how to see a claim through from start to finish, keeping you updated throughout the entire process. More importantly, we listen to your needs and respond efficiently and without any cost to you for our service*.

* Please note any excess stated in your insurance policy that your insurer requires you to pay will still apply. We are paid directly by your insurance company for our professional claim management service, not by you.

Where a period of free membership has been given to you

Where You have been granted a period of Total Property Assist membership free of charge, this shall be the only period that is free of charge. Subsequent renewal or other extension of Your Total Property Assist membership shall be charged for.

Your right to cancel

You can cancel your Membership at any time within 14 days of joining or renewing your Membership. You can notify us of your wish to cancel by telephone, email, or via the contact page on our website ('Cancellation Notice'). If you have paid to join or renew, we shall refund your money in full and without charge within no more than 7 calendar days of receiving your Cancellation Notice. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Total Property Assist Terms and Conditions 01/03/19

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