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Why do you need Total Motor Assist?
Why do you need Total Motor Assist and why should you join?
The law is on your side: there's a key legal
principle that makes all of this possible
You're at risk: road accidents happen alarmingly
often in the UK, as official statistics* show
In the event of an accident that's not wholly your fault, you have the legal right to be put back into the same position that you would have been in had the accident not occurred.

Acting in accordance with this legal principle is one of the main reasons why we're able to provide all our member services and benefits, including delivering you a like-for-like replacement car and all our other essential member services.

But don't forget, we go even further for you: even if you're at fault we'll recover your car from the roadside UK-wide completely free of charge if it's unsafe and/or unlawful to drive.
14% of UK motorists will have an accident on the road in any given 12-month period - that's over 12,000 road accidents a day.

Let's face it, it's not your own driving you're worried about: it's other people's, and with over 28 million cars on UK roads the risk factor is significant. Maximising your accident cover and getting all the benefits to which you're legally entitled makes good sense.

Total Motor Assist is designed to sit alongside your car insurance and top up your accident cover to your maximum legal entitlement.

* Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
You're legally entitled to extra services on top of your car insurance, putting you in a stronger position:
It's unlikely that your insurer
will provide accident recovery
Roadside recovery after an accident is not part of a standard motor insurance policy and unlikely to be included in any breakdown cover you have either. With us you get it free.
You won't have to pay any of
your insurance excess with us
Our process ensures you won't pay any of your voluntary or compulsory insurance excess in the event of a non-fault accident.
We deliver you a like-for-like
car, better than a courtesy car
We'll provide you with an as-new, like-for-like replacement car that we'll deliver to your home or wherever in the UK you ask us to deliver it. You don't have to go and collect it yourself.
With us your No Claims Discount
cannot be adversely affected
Our process ensures that no claim is made on your motor insurance policy, which effectively protects your No Claims Discount.
With us you get private healthcare
if you're injured
By its very nature, car insurance is about your car, not you. Whereas we care just as much about your wellbeing, so you get private treatment if you're injured in a non-fault accident.
Join Total Motor Assist
Further details about our essential member services and benefits
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TMA is multi-car full-family cover, not just for one car (Expand...)

Covers everyone in your immediate family who live with you
Covers all the cars in your household, not just one
Covers any type of car of any age and any value

'Your family' means:

You, and
Your spouse/partner, and
All your children up to the age of 21 who live with you

You get the post-accident vehicle recovery that you wouldn't otherwise have (Expand...)

If you, your partner or any other member of your family has an accident in any vehicle where that accident is not your/their fault and that vehicle is so damaged that it can't be safely or legally driven away from the scene of the accident, we will come and recover you and your vehicle from anywhere in the UK free of charge.

Vehicle repair that saves you ever having to pay your insurance excess (Expand...)

If you, your partner or any member of your family has an accident in any vehicle where that accident is not your fault and the vehicle is damaged, we will repair it professionally and swiftly.

All repairs throughout the UK are professionally managed
All repairs are completed to the highest standards first time, on time, every time
You will be kept regularly informed on progress of the repairs
Repairs completed at our Trusted Repairer most local to where you live
Repairs completed without having to claim on your own insurance policy
Your no claims bonus is not affected at all
You won't have to pay the excess on your own motor insurance with us!

Moreover, you'll have an as-new like-for-like replacement vehicle delivered to you to drive for the whole time while we're repairing your vehicle.

Our like-for-like replacement vehicle benefit: from a Smart Car to a Rolls Royce! (Expand...)

Let's say you drive a Range Rover and someone crashes into the back of it… A courtesy car from your insurer – a little 3-door hatchback with the words ‘Courtesy Car' plastered all over it – is not exactly ideal, is it? And you'll have to go and get it yourself from the garage. But we'll give you an immaculate as-new Range Rover with no exterior markings – and deliver it to your home, too!

Vehicle replacement is always on a category like-for-like basis: this means that instead of a just a courtesy car, we will deliver you a vehicle that is in the same category as your own. So for example, if your vehicle is a BMW 7-Series, then the car we deliver you will be another luxury executive saloon, which could be another 7-Series or a Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and so on. Similarly, if your vehicle is a Ford Transit van, then the vehicle we deliver to you could be another Ford Transit or a Vauxhall Movano, and so on. In short, you'll always end up being able to drive the same type of vehicle as your own while we complete your repairs.

Private healthcare for you and your family that bypasses NHS waiting lists (Expand...)

In the event of a non-fault accident within the UK where there is an identifiable insured third party where you or a member of your family suffer a personal injury as a result of the accident we will provide treatment to whoever has been injured at a private clinic local to you. This includes yourself and your spouse/partner and any of your children regardless of age.

Specialist legal support (Expand...)

In the event of a non-fault accident where there is an identifiable insured at-fault third party where you or a member of your family suffer a personal injury as a result of the accident where such personal injury is likely to exceed £1,000 in damages, our specialist solicitors will provide you with comprehensive legal support. You will keep up to 100% of your compensation award.

The best legal support for you or any other member of your family who was riding
Your claim will be handled by our solicitors with proven motoring accident expertise

24/7 helpline (Expand...)

Helpline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
UK facility, not based abroad
Staffed by highly trained people
Dedicated helpline for assistance anywhere

How much could Total Motor Assist actually save you? (Expand...)

•  The average motor insurance excess is £250 and can be as much as £1,000: no matter what yours is, you won't have
   to pay a penny of it with us after an accident that isn't entirely your fault!

•  Losing your No Claims Discount costs an average of £200, and protecting it costs you money as well. With us,
   there's no claim on your insurance policy, so you're saving yet again!

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