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What do you get with TMA?
What do you get when you join Total Motor Assist?

Accident recovery is generally not included in car insurance or breakdown cover. So we make sure you'll never be stranded. If your car can't be safely driven due to accident damage we will recover it free of charge UK-wide.

After a non-fault accident where there's an identified insured third party we'll seek to deliver an as-new like-for-like replacement car to your home. So you'll be able to drive the same type of car as your own. Much better than a courtesy car from your insurer!

We will repair all the damage to your car that has resulted from a non-fault accident where there's an identified insured third party. Your repairs will be completed to manufacturer-approved standards and you'll be regularly updated.

Car insurance is primarily focused on your car. But we care about your personal wellbeing, too. We can arrange local private treatment quicker than the NHS if you're injured in a non-fault accident.

If you're injured in a non-fault accident where there's an identified insured third party you can, if you wish, claim for personal injury. We can provide you with free initial advice from our specialist solicitors.

Our Members' Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. UK facility, not based abroad. Staffed by highly trained people here to provide you with immediate help.

Where the accident is the fault of an insured third party, the third party insurer pays the bill. Because there's no claim on your own car insurance, your no claims discount shouldn't be adversely affected.

Why pay your insurance excess when an accident is someone else's fault? Costs can be recovered from the third party insurer, so your insurance excess is no longer required. This can save you hundreds of pounds.

Includes all the cars in your household of any age, type and value. Includes all your immediate family who live with you, both as drivers and passengers, including your children of any age.

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