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Why do you need Total Cycle Assist?
Why do you need Total Cycle Assist and why should you join?
The law is on your side: there's a key legal
principle that makes all of this possible
You're at risk: road accidents happen alarmingly
often in the UK, as official statistics* show
In the event of an accident that's not wholly your fault, you have the legal right to be put back into the same position that you would have been in had the accident not occurred.

Acting in accordance with this legal principle is one of the main reasons why we're able to provide all our member services and benefits, including repairing your bike free of charge, providing you with you a same-value replacement bike if your own is damaged beyond repair, private local healthcare, and all our other essential member services.

There are over 133,000 cycling accident on UK roads in any given 12-month period - that's 364 cycling accidents a day.

Let's face it, it's not your own cycling you're worried about: it's people's driving, and with over 28 million cars on UK roads the risk factor is significant. Maximising your accident cover and getting all the benefits to which you're legally entitled makes good sense.

Total Cycle Assist is designed to stand on its own or, if you have it, sit alongside your home insurance and top up your accident cover to your maximum legal entitlement.
You're legally entitled to extra services in the event of a cycling accident, putting you in a stronger position:
Home insurance doesn't give you the cycling cover you really need
Home insurance isn't really designed for cycling as such: it might cover theft of a bike from your home, but not the consequences of a cycling accident.
You need protection from the costs of repairing or replacing your bikes
The average cost to repair a bike is £170, and £500 on average to replace a written off bike. As our member you're protected from these costs.
You don't have to worry about who's riding what & whether you're covered
Total Cycle Assist cover includes all your family's bikes and everyone in your immediate family - including children - in one convenient membership.
Personal private healthcare makes a very big difference to you
If you're injured in a cycling accident, we give you the treatment you need at a private local clinic which cuts out the 4-5 month NHS waiting list for you.
Join Total Cycle Assist
Further details about our essential member services and benefits
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More about the need Total Cycle Assist... (Expand...)

Total Cycle Assist is multi-bike full-family cover that will actively save you at least £30 a year just by being a member, and as much as £5,000 when you utilise our cover, adds essential services, benefits and support that you won't get through your home insurance, saves you a lot of hassle, and gives you and your family better services after a cycling accident than you’ll get from any home contents insurer.

Every year 133,000+ cyclists of all ages, many of them young children, are involved in accidents on the British roads that aren't their fault, and if it happens to anyone in your family it’ll add insult to injury when you find that your home insurance doesn’t cover you like you thought it would:

• Where do you get your bike repaired?
• What if you can’t afford the repair bill?
• What if your bike is a write-off and you need to buy a new one?
• What if you’re injured and off work but the NHS waiting list is months, causing you lost earnings?
• What if you want to make a claim against the third party – how do you find the best lawyer?
• Who can you call at any time who genuinely cares about helping you?

By giving you services that aren’t available to you otherwise, Total Cycle Assist changes everything for the better:

  • You'll no longer have to pay any excess on home insurance after a non-fault accident - how much is your excess and so how much will this benefit alone actually save you?

  • Let’s say you ride a beautiful lightweight carbon-fibre bike currently worth £3,000 and a motorist crashes into it tomorrow: you'd be gutted. And then you find out a few days later that it's damaged beyond repair: that's going to cost you £3,000 if you want to replace it. But we will give you brand new bike at the end of your claim worth the same as yours that you can choose for yourself!

  • It's a multi-bike cover package: covers every bike in your family regardless of type, age and value.

  • It's a full-family cover package - that includes you, your partner and all your children regardless of age.

  • Legal support is also included - so whether you ever have an accident or not, just being a TMBA member actively saves you an average of £30 a year thanks to the extra legal cover you no longer need to buy from your insurer. So with TCA only costing £24 a year, you're actually ahead of the game in real terms!
So that's all your bikes plus everyone in your family covered for no-excess repair, replacement, legal support and private healthcare - plus some nice member discounts for you as well - for £24 a year?! As we like to say and we hope you agree: "you'd be crazy not to!"

What is Total Cycle Assist? (Expand...)

• It's an annual cover scheme packed with benefits and services designed for cyclists that you really need
• Saves you 100% of the costs of your bike repairs when you call us first after a non-fault accident
• Saves you 100% of the cost of a new bike if yours is written off when you call us first after a non-fault accident
• Gives you multi-bike UK-wide cycling accident response cover with professional management
• Covers your whole family including all your children regardless of age
• Adds extra benefits on top of your home insurance (if you have any)
• Removes all the hassle when you need to claim
• Gives you and your family the professional service you won't get from your home insurer after an accident.

What do you get for £24 a year? (Expand...)

For £24 a year, you get all this when become a member of Total Cycle Assist:

         • Avoids you paying for cycle repairs *
         • Avoids you paying for a new bike if your own gets written off *
         • Covers all your family's cycles
         • Covers everyone in your family including all your children
         • Covers you all for cycling throughout the UK
         • 24/7 freephone helpline
         • Professional bike repair with no excess *
         • Brand new like-for-like replacement bike if yours is a write-off *
         • 12 months' membership
         • 24/7 freephone helpline
         • Physiotherapy treatment at a private clinic *
         • Expert legal support
         • Special member discounts

* In the event of an accident that's not your fault or only partly your fault.

How much could Total Cycle Assist actually save you in both money and time? (Expand...)

Your home insurer (assuming that you even have home insurance in the first place) will offer you legal cover for as much as £8 a month… doesn’t sound like much, but that’s £96 a year! With us, you no longer need to pay this.

The average home insurance excess is £200 and can be as much as £1,000: no matter what yours is, you won’t have to pay a penny of it with us after a cycling accident that isn’t entirely your fault!

The average bike repair cost is £220 and can be as much as £2,000, depending on what kind of bike you have. With us you won't have to pay a penny of that after a non-fault accident, so you’re saving again

The average bike costs £550 to replace: with us you won't have to pay a penny of that after a non-fault accident, so you’re saving yet again!

If you're injured in a cycling accident and need physiotherapy or other treatment to help you recover, the average NHS waiting time is 5 months before the treatment you need actually starts. With us, you bypass this waiting list and go straight into an excellent private clinic that's local to you – and because your treatment starts so much earlier, this speeds up your recovery and could save you £1,000's in earnings you might otherwise miss out on.

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