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About Assist Protect
About us
Assist Protect gives you and your family a superb range of added-value cover and essential support products for your property, cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and taxis, all developed and operated by Assist Protect Ltd.

We are pioneers in providing our highly valued members and affinity partner clients with innovative, straightforward cover and support that makes sound sense and adds tremendous value. Our company mission from Day One has been to provide affordable support to people from all walks of life throughout the UK in the event of accidents in any vehicle or damage to homes or business property that aren't their fault and to champion fairness, honesty and transparency in our industry.

Our wide experience has allowed development and provision of a series of targeted products and services. The founder Directors of Assist Protect have always taken a very active role in the direction of the business and development of the cover products, driving innovation and inspiration in an environment which demands quality-led products and services, and dedicated speed of response to customer need.

An extremely high level of member care is at the heart of everything we do, as reflected in our many testimonials, and we genuinely value any and all feedback from those we help and support and work closely with as we seek to continue delivering the very best benefits and services.
Case study: Total Motor Assist - all this for only £29 a year?!
You may see everything you get with us for only £29 – all the member benefits and concierge services, and all the advantages of being able to ring us first after an accident, and the money-saving inherent to being a TMA member - and think “No; surely not – this has got to be too good to be true. Where’s the catch?” Of course, the truth is that there is no catch, but it’s understandable if you do think this way a little at first.

We like to answer this question through simple truth and transparency: we tell you the truth about our product and we’re always transparent about where our money comes from. Once you know what we know, this will overcome any hesitation that may result from thinking it’s too good to be true. That’s why we’ve included this page in our website.
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Why so cheap to join and cost-free to use? How does our company make any money? (Expand...)

This is the clever bit! UK law empowers us to do this for starters, and then the way we work makes it all possible. Here’s how it works:

You have an accident in your car that isn’t your fault, so there’s a third party involved – the at-fault party. We don’t care whether that at-fault party is insured or not, because either way we can do everything for you without charging you a penny or claiming on your own insurance: we’re able to recover all our costs from the at-fault party’s insurer if they’re insured or from the UK’s Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) if they’re not insured. Which also means that you’re still covered by us against uninsured drivers.

So, let’s say the accident has damaged your car to the point where it can’t be driven safely, and you’re injured as well. We’re going to be providing you with 5 services:

    (1) Vehicle recovery from wherever you are in the country
    (2) Professional local vehicle repair
    (3) A like-for-like replacement car that’s right for your needs instead of a mere courtesy car
    (4) Physiotherapy treatment at a private clinic local to you, bypassing the NHS’s waiting list
    (5) Personal injury compensation through one of our specialist lawyers.
All 5 of these are rightfully paid for by the third party’s insurer (or the MIB if they’re not insured) because you’re not at fault. And 3 of these result in revenue to us:
    (1) Every time we provide a like-for-like replacement car, we keep a percentage of the recovered costs. Every vehicle you can think of, from a little Smart Car to a Rolls Royce and everything in between, has its own set daily rate in a table called the GTA Rates – this is part of an overarching agreement to which insurance companies are signatories. So the calculation is simple: take the daily rate of the car you’ve been provided with on a like-for-like basis and multiply it by the number of days you’ve had the free use of it. A percentage of that total, which is recovered from the at-fault party, comes to us.

    (2) Every time we facilitate physiotherapy for an injured member to help them recover faster and more effectively, a percentage of the healthcare bill that is recovered from the at-fault party comes to us. After all, what we’re doing here is effectively fuelling private clinics with valuable new treatment work, so it’s a simple and fair business arrangement for them to reward us for doing so.

    (3) The same logic applies again when it comes to your personal injury claim with our solicitors. This is a valuable piece of work to a solicitor which we have just passed to them on a silver plate, so they reward us for it.
So if you think about it now that you know this, it makes good sense for us to offer our essential, much-needed cover for only £29 a year with absolutely no other charges to you at any time, because we’re going to be getting paid by the at-fault party when we deliver everything as per our service promises. That £29 covers our running costs and administration of cover, but we’re not being greedy after that. Everyone wins – most of all you.

You don’t really need this extra cover because you can just ring your insurer after an accident, right? (Expand...)

Yes – but you really won’t want to do that once you know the truth. The truth is, you’re considerably worse off with your insurer than you are with us, and there’s a bunch of strong reasons why this is true. For example:

    (a) your insurer will want you to pay all of your excess to get your repaired car back from the garage even when the accident wasn’t your fault – but as our member you never a penny of it;

    (b) if you claim against your own motor insurance policy and your no claims bonus isn’t protected, you’re going to lose the advantage of that no claims bonus leading to a premium hike on renewal – but as our member we’ll never claim on your motor insurance policy in the first place so your no claims bonus can’t be affected or lost in any way, saving you a bundle on renewal;

    (c) you might get a courtesy car with your insurer – something small and far from desirable with the words “courtesy car” plastered all over it. That’s okay – but it’s not the same as what you’ll get from us as our member thanks to our like-for-like replacement car service.

    (d) As our member you get 24/7 UK-wide vehicle accident recovery, but with your insurer you’ll have to pay extra anyway for breakdown cover and that kind of breakdown recovery policy doesn’t include accident recovery, so you’ll be stuck with nothing better than getting the police to recovery your vehicle for you.

So how big a difference can TMA actually make to you? Here are some real-life examples. (Expand...)

This overlaps with the ‘too good to be true’ question, really. In brief, it should be noted that sometimes, a complete understanding of everything you stand to gain from being a TMA member isn’t something that’s instantly grasped. This is because a product like Total Motor Assist doesn’t just give you one advantage or one benefit; it gives you a lot of advantages and benefits. This is undoubtedly a major strength of the product but it can also, with some people, lead to them not fully grasping quickly exactly what they’re getting and why it’s a very good idea to have it.

Whenever we have the opportunity to talk to people in our trademark truthful, transparent and passionate way, the issue is overcome no problem at all and the person we’re talking to signs up every time. But this is a website where we haven’t got that opportunity to talk honestly face-to-face. So we’ll use some real-life examples:
  • Someone who wasn’t one of our member’s was telling one of IT people that he had to stump up the full £600 excess on his insurance policy to his insurer to get his repaired car back even though the accident wasn’t his fault. If he had been our member he wouldn’t have had to pay a penny. Needless to say he is now a member – and he’s recommended us to others.

  • One of our members got a brand new Range Rover to drive from us instead of a nasty little Vauxhall Corsa courtesy car from their insurer. This meant that our member was still able to go on the shooting weekend he’d been looking forward to for months; with a courtesy car he wouldn’t have been able to go because the car would not have been able to cope with the off-road terrain. .

  • Another of our members was quite seriously injured and went to their own GP, who was frank with her about the fact that there was a 5 month waiting list for the type of physio treatment her proper recovery required. She was unable to work because of the pain and discomfort, and was staring down the barrel of seeing her income drastically reduced to mere Statutory Sick Pay, which would have caused serious financial problems for her and her family. So she rang us and we were able to put her into a private clinic less than a mile from where she lived where, because this is private care rather than the NHS, there was no waiting list so her treatment could start immediately. At a stroke, our capability and passion for member care had knocked a whole 5 months off her recovery period, making a pretty big difference to her financially.

Okay, so you really need this cover - how soon are you covered after you join online now, then? (Expand...)

Cover is instant with us. There is no waiting period. You are covered with immediate effect: your cover commencement date and time is tracked literally to the second that you clicked the green ‘Buy’ button and our systems instantly send out the following to you:

    (1) A new member cover confirmation email is sent to you immediately to which is attached:

    a) Your Certificate of Membership and Cover; and
    b) Your Member’s Glove Box Document

    (2) A text message is sent to your mobile phone that includes your member’s 24/7 helpline number which you can then easily save to the contacts list in your mobile phone.

Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover   Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover   Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover   Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover   Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover   Organisations Who Trust Assist Protect To Provide Them With Cover  

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